Spice Up Your Life!

I love creating new and exciting flavour combinations using different spices. I wander down the aisle in the supermarket, my eyes drinking in rows upon rows of glorious jars with unknown tastebud sensations contained within. Who knows what alchemy I could concoct? Like a caterpillar into a butterfly, spices can transform a simple dish, seemingly like magic.

But what are your every day staples? A pinch of this, a shake of that – what spices could you simply not go without?

Here are my top 5 spices for everyday use.

1. Turmeric

Turmeric is a sunny golden-orange spice with a deliciously warm, light and peppery flavour. The yellow colouring is what gives turmeric it’s health benefits: it is an anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant And has also been known to reduce depression and heart disease. I like to use turmeric in in rice dishes – curries, risottos, paellas.

2. Chilli

Hot hot hot! But only if you want it to be! Varying in heat, chilli powder makes a great addition to a multitude of dishes. A hot and spicy flavour, but packed full of vitamins and known to clear congestion – perfect for fighting a cold! Chilli also helps to burn fat, improve circulation and lower cholesterol!

3. Ginger

Ginger really is a wondrous ingredient. It can be added to sweet or savoury foods and even drinks! It aids digestion, combats sickness and fights infection! Use in baking sweet treats, or add to Asian cuisine to create depth of flavour.

4. Cumin

Turmeric’s smokier big brother cumin hosts many health benefits. It is a great source of vitamins, protects against memory loss and reduces stress. Use in fajitas, paella, soups, stews and much more!

5. Paprika

Smoky or sweet, paprika is a spice for all to enjoy! Sprinkle onto kale crisps or potato wedges, stir into chillis, curries and pasta sauces, use in marinades or salts. Paprika is anti-aging, great for skin and eye health and can even be used as pain relief!

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