I write this post to the world from the comfort of my bath. I have a Lush bath bomb, scented candles, soothing music and an interesting book. This, is self care Sunday!

Self care is so important – taking time for yourself, being comfortable in your own company is vital to learning to love yourself. So grab yourself a blanket and an hour to watch your favourite show, sit in the garden and eat your lunch, go for a walk and listen to that band you’ve been meaning to check out – make time for yourself, you are so important. You matter.

However it’s important to remember that self care isn’t all cosy pyjamas and Netflix. Sometimes self care is as simple making sure you take your medication. Sometimes the best way you can take care of yourself is to cancel plans if they seem overwhelming. It’s reaching out to people you trust when things get too much. It’s being honest about your feelings. It’s taking time to understand your own thoughts. It’s going to that doctors appointment even though you thought you couldn’t face it. It’s distancing yourself from toxic and negative people. Don’t get me wrong, long showers and warm socks are wonderful things and they are so worth the time and effort. Yet sometimes looking after yourself isn’t as pretty as a bubble bath.

Make time for your health. Look after your body. Look after your mind. Look after your spirit.

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