Vegan Camp Out 2019

I am back home, snuggled in bed as I write this, after an amazing weekend at Vegan Camp Out 2019. I made some wonderful friends, saw some amazingly inspiring speakers and of course, ate a lot of incredible vegan food!

I went alone to Vegan Camp Out, but met lots of new friends. Friends I’ve now laughed with, cried with, jumped up and down to drum and bass fuelled by jagermeister with. We helped each other with make up, glitter and henna tattoos. We shared our drinks and snacks and sat talking for hours. It was amazing to be surrounded by like minded people. People who are so compassionate, caring and loving.

Vegan Camp Out starred many inspiring speakers: Gaz Oakley, That Vegan Couple, Dr Klaper, Earthling Ed, Juliet Galletley, Matt Pritchard… the list goes on! I even met Matt Pritchard and Dr Klaper! But the main speaker that threw petrol on the already raging fire within me was James Aspey. If you don’t know who James Aspey is and what he has done for animal rights, I suggest some googling. James was motivational from the beginning, he engaged the crowd with some audience participation and kept them hanging on his every word. He says there are many benefits to going vegan – the environmental impact and the health reasons to name but a couple, but the vast majority of us are against the cruelty of the meat, dairy and egg industry. James acknowledges that not every human is in a position to go vegan, but states, “if you CAN go vegan, you SHOULD go vegan.” I also attended a workshop on the importance of localised activism. I found this really useful and will be putting their techniques into practice! I left Camp Out feeling pumped, like I could start a revolution and win.

The food. What can I even say? INCREDIBLE. I tried something new each meal and was not once disappointed. I had hot dogs with mac and cheese onfrom Pig Out, caramel ice cream from Booja-Booja, “chicken”, “bacon”, hash brown and cheese burger from Huns, tikka masala from Sheila’s Vegan Kitchen, a chocolate orange doughnut from Vegan Junk, fresh pineapple juice from Juice Junkiez, tofish and chips from unity diner and a tandoori kebab! The kebab was one of the most delicious meals I’ve ever eaten! Thank you to the guys at Doner Summer!

I had a brilliant weekend and would highly recommend it. I’m definitely going again next year! A wild ride and an emotional rollercoaster, new people turned into instant friends and we danced the night away.

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