Persian Aubergine

This is one of my favourite meals – it’s filling, full of flavour and absolutely delicious! Good for the body and good for the soul, this is a must try. Served with a fresh salad and quinoa, this dish really packs a healthy punch!

Spice Up Your Life!

I love creating new and exciting flavour combinations using different spices. I wander down the aisle in the supermarket, my eyes drinking in rows upon rows of glorious jars with unknown tastebud sensations contained within. Who knows what alchemy I could concoct? Like a caterpillar into a butterfly, spices can transform a simple dish, seemingly…

My Herb Garden

I’ve recently become a little green-fingered and started my own herb garden! I bought a pop up greenhouse, some pots and some small cuttings of various herbs and they have flourished!

Artichoke Paella

After a long walk in the park today I wanted something filling and delicious. This paella recipe was super easy and tasted amazing! Soft artichokes, crunchy peppers, juicy tomatoes, sharp onions… It’s also packed full of turmeric and paprika, giving you some extra health benefits! I added some parsley from my own herb garden –…